Viscogel's business focus is on improved delivery of drugs and biomolecules. A significant number of pharmaceutical compounds have solubility or stability issues limiting their development potential. Certain treatments require a sustained delivery. The industry is faced with patent expiries for high-value products. ViscoGel™ and Viscomulsion™ will enable development of these compounds to medicines and provide life cycle management options through new intellectual property.

Both type of formulations allow for a sustained release without giving undesired burst effects. These formulations have multiple use areas and can be used for drug delivery within the oral, parenteral and ocular areas.

Cyclosporin A and Latanoprost are two examples on drugs successfully formulated in ViscoGel™ and Viscomulsion™. A typical example, release of Cyclosporin A, is given below:

The figure shows a release of Cyclosporin A of 60% after one week, with no burst effects.